• Steven and Peedee find Frybo force-feeding customers French fries; Mr. Smiley pleads for mercy, and Frybo fills his mouth with more French fries.
  • Steven runs into Frybo while nude, and his rear is shown.

"Island Adventure"Edit

  • Lars' and Sadie's exaggerated kiss, specifically the back-rubbing and moaning sounds, is removed. Only Lars' lips touching Sadie's is seen before the scene cuts off.
  • Sadie forcefully pushing the sharpened stick deeper into the Invisible Gem Monster when she realizes it didn't die from her initial stabs.

"The Return"Edit

  • Most of the scene where Garnet is affected by the Gem Destabilizer, after Pearl and Amethyst are shown saying "Oh!", cutting directly to the scene where Garnet "poofs" and both of her gemstones are in the ground.In the flashback at "Full Disclosure", however, the scene is shown unaltered.

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